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    Friday, March 10, 2017

    Blue Mosque

    A visit to Turkey, loss of taste in the event that you don't see the excellence and uniqueness of the Blue Mosque or Blue Mosque. Known as the Blue Mosque is finished with blue fired covering the dividers and the vault.

    For a minute it looked extremely wonderful mosques and shady. The building is situated in Istanbul Turkey and was worked by Sultan Ahmed I originated from the Ottoman Empire which menguasaiTurki the fourteenth century. Sultan Ahmed I administered Turkey started in 1603 - 1617. Development of the mosque was implicit 1609, by the celebrated engineer of that period, in particular Mehmed Aga. In 1616, the mosque was finished.

    Sultan Ahmed I assembled the Blue Mosque to equal Hagia building Sophiabuatan ie the Byzantine sovereign of Constantinople. Hagia Sophia is found one piece from the Blue Mosque. Hagia Sophia was in the past the Byzantine church before tumbling to daulah Ottoman Turks in 1453 AD.

    Come back to the delightful Blue Mosque nan this great looking, has six minarets, arch distance across of 23.5 meters with a vault 43 meters high and 5 meters in breadth solid segments. This mosque is one of the two mosques in Turkey that has six minarets, the more one is in Adana.

    As indicated by legend, Sultan Ahmed I requested that Mehmet Aga make a tower made of gold. The word gold in Turkish is "altin". What would I be able to state, the planner of one hearing. He considered Sultan Ahmed I need to have a mosque with six minarets. Six words in Turkish saying, "alti" and sounds fundamentally the same as "altin".

    At last made the Blue Mosque with six towers, rather than the four towers are made of gold. Mehmed Aga had thought his take would be cut off by Sultan Ahmed I, yet when it is done, it is said Sultan Ahmed I really interested with the outline six towers are one of a kind.

    Supposedly, because of the measure of a similar tower to the Grand Mosque in Mecca around then, Sultan Ahmed I got sharp feedback so that at last he contributed a seventh tower development costs for the Haram.

    Strikingly, an overwhelming iron chain mounted over the west door of the mosque. Previously, just the Sultan Ahmed I, which may enter the patio of the mosque on horseback, and the chain is introduced so that the Sultan Ahmed I bowed his head as he passed entrance so as not to knock the chain. It was planned as an image of quietude before the leaders of celestial power.

    Not a long way from the Blue Mosque, Aya Sofya exhibition hall there. And in addition the magnificence of its engineering, Aya Sofya was first worked as a church building, then transformed into a mosque for a long time and since the mainstream legislature of the Republic of Turkimenjadi exhibition hall until today. Also the Topkapi royal residence that holds a few relics of the Prophet.

    The Blue Mosque, up to this point, still fills in as a position of love. Incorporated into the complex is the biggest mosque in Istanbul, we go through an ensured bloom cultivate shady trees. A position of bathing arranged on the front side of the mosque welcome us before entering the mosque complex.

    To pay tribute to the mosque, voyagers ought to dress unassumingly when entering the mosque. Ladies ought to wear a shroud. Continuously prepared to remind the watch at the front passage. Once inside, various Muslim visitor to implore the Sunnah mosque. While others took a gander at the mosque from the back lines. Along these lines, the front is took into consideration the individuals who need bershalat.

    All things considered, it appears there is no reason Kontraktor Desain Interior Mehmet Aga worked in 1609-1616 is called by the name Blue Mosque. It was simply after we got into, it creates the impression that the inside of the mosque is enriched with 20,000 blue earthenware pieces taken from a clay art the best in the region Iznik. Locale popular Turkish earthenware production topnotch deliver blue, green, purple, and white.

    Silk covers that cover the floor of the mosque originates from the finest silk turning and oil lights made of precious stone are transported in. There are numerous things and valuable blessing in this mosque, including Al Quranbertuliskan hand. Earthenware production enhancing the dividers of the mosque thought process leaves, tulips, roses, grapes, pomegranate bloom or geometric themes. There are 260 windows in the mosque, so on the off chance that we were inside, the environment is quiet and cool.

    Vital component in this mosque is the mihrab made of marble cut with resplendent stalactites and twofold incritive board on it. Encompassing divider is loaded with pottery. The mosque is intended to be in conditions that most full however, all that is in the mosque can in any case observe and hear the Imam.

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