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    Thursday, March 9, 2017

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    Differences Interior Design and Interior Decorating

    In terms of the interior, there are two kinds of related ie between interior design and interior decorating. Both are closely related but have differences that are quite prominent. This time AleanaPro will give you all the differences of Interior Design and Interior Decorating.

    Definition of Interior Design and Interior Decorating

    The interior design is a science that studies the design of a work of art that is in a building and used to solve human problems. The interior design includes Bisang architecture that surrounds the inside of a building.

    The interior decoration is related to the activities ornamental decoration-decorate or an activity that aims to beautify something. Or it could be referred to as finishing.

    By looking at the above understanding we can conclude that both have a very clear distinction, if the interior design is the science of spatial while the interior decor is action from the interior design has been created.

    Comparison of Interior Design and Interior Decorating

    Furniture for interior designers to design furniture with economic considerations shape, function, style, finish durability, structural stability in usage choosing drawer rails, hinges and handles right, also determining the use and placement of materials in space. While interior decorators choose style finishing and placing it in the room.

    Now that he Differences Interior Design and Interior Decorating can be given on this occasion. How? You all certainly understand not of the explanation presented above? Perhaps only that which can be given on this occasion about the differences in interior design and interior decoration. Hopefully you're looking for information that can be helped after reading articles that are above.

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    Interior Design Services

    It's okay if we found, the most important is that you are selling a product in this case was at home cooking the meal that you manage and not convenience or uniqueness of the place. However, what if your competitors, which kebetulah located not far from the place of your business, providing the same delicious dishes but is supported by the design of the place is nice, cozy, unique ?. Moreover, supported kenceng internet access, hehehe ... We think buyers will surely choose those of your competitors.

    Eating out for most of the urban community is part of the pleasure and fun, it can also be a solution in order to entertain relations for the benefit of business nature, entertain family or friends. So eating out is not just to fill the stomach. Eating outdoors is now becoming increasingly favored by the public, especially those who daily busy daily routine work. Therefore, it is even this business becomes more attractive and certainly more a rigorous competition for business people house dining, cafe or culinary.

    Many methods are used by businesses to attract buyers. In this case we discuss the business owner of a restaurant or cafe, to optimize the interior design of their shops. To create a design on your business premises, how easily you can ask for the help of a designer. Of course, with scientific owned and experiences, a designer will create interior concepts for your business premises. Designers will accommodate the desires, needs and budget you have set. So the interior is not just a place of business affairs "ornamental-decorating" course but have more value in the eyes of visitors.

    However, not a few business owners who are trying to reduce costs by designing their own place of business. As long as you are creative, of course, it could have been you do. You can find inspiration through interior magazines, browsing the internet, etc. Here are tips that you can apply if you want to cultivate the interior for the business:
    If you decide to design your own, then use the coloring monochrome / derivative, for example chocolate combined with the color of cream, black mixed with white, yellow to orange and so on. Without the expertise, the use of colors that are too bold to be at risk of the room becomes irregular, messy, impressed even more cramped.
    Never put a kitchen that can be seen by the buyer if the kitchen is not designed properly, or designed sober. Especially if your kitchen is dirty and messy, it will create the impression is not good for consumers later.
    If there is a side or an empty wall, especially the empty side of the wall is large enough, so give something that makes people interested to see or photograph with the background of the wall, such as a large carving, painting, logo of your restaurant or cafe, etc. It also can be a characteristic for a restaurant or cafe you later.
    Make sure the room does not overlook the circulation of people in it. Also make sure that the distance between the tables, chairs and space to meet the standards of human movement (ie a minimum of 60cm).
    If your budget is limited, for decoration use materials that are around you, eg if resto cafe themed vintage / old school you can insert items from the old school house your parents or even your grandparents house. Piece of batik cloth grandmother, board old school, old school radio or antique bicycles, could be eye-catching if you are smart process and placing it into an element of decor.

    There are many other creative ways if your budget is limited, depending on the creativity of each, which is important never underestimate the interior of the place of business.

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